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Academic Service Learning

Academic Service Learning programs are 14 day trips composed of one week of dynamic academically focused workshopsand fieldtrips in a particular subject area, which is then complemented by one week in a community development project which applies the knowledge and tools gained. These programs are ideal for university groups or professional teams which would like to deepen their understanding in their subject area and see how it applies in the developing world context of the Dominican Republic. It is an opportunity for students to see theory translate directly into practice and experience learning on a whole new level.


We currently offer Academic Service Learning programs in the follow subject areas:

A 14 Day Academic Service Learning trip combinds:

Our curriculum is developed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in field-based education. It is carefully designed to build up from a broader historical and cultural foundation to more specific material in your chosen subject area. Workshops are given by experts whose knowledge of the local context is unmatchable.


The presentations include theoretical concepts as well as real-life application that can only come from years of actual experience. This is all combined with field trips to so that you are able to gain a fuller understanding of local issues and applications.


You can also choose to add optional Spanish classes or a Homestaywith a local family to your group's first week in Santo Domingo.

The second week of practical field experience in a community development project gives students a chance to get to know a local community and apply their new skills. Individual projects are part of CSA’s larger initiative in the community, meaning that the work and effort of the students has a long-last impact.


Students will work directly with local people, building relationships, to enact positive change improving the quality of life in the community. To read more about CSA’s work in the community, click here.


And relaxation! We always make sure to include lots of fun and adventure in your two weeks. Dance classes, visits to the historical center, swimming in a lazy river with local kids, horseback riding on a cacao plantation, or snorkeling off a tropical island beach are all things you might get to do during your trip.


The Dominican Republic has much beauty, both cultural and natural, to explore. So come, soak in the gorgeous sunshine!


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