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Resources for Group Leaders

Start Here


Step by Step Planning Guide for Group Leaders - here you will find lots of helpful advice how to go about organizing your group and planning for your trip, including CSA's policies regarding travel, tuition payments, and much more.


Team Member Guide - Each member of your team should be familiar with this guide which will answer many of their questions on how to prepare for their time in the DR.




Recruit Team Members


Volunteer Enrollment Form - this is a form you can have interested people fill out to help you as the group leader better know your team. This form does not need to be turned in to CSA.


Group Recruiting Strategy Tool - A way to help your Leadership Team organize its plan for building your team.


Participant Release Form - each member of your team will need to sign this release and then you'll need to return it to CSA before arriving in the DR.




Tools for General CSA Overview


Powerpoint overview of CSA's International Exchange programs - this powerpoint will highlight the various International Exchagne programs offered by CSA




Tools for Social Work Academic Service Learning


Powerpoint for the Social Work ASL - this is a powerpoint you can use to help talk about the the ASL Social Work program


Flyer for the Social Work ASL - a poster that you can use to advertise for the ASL Social Work program




Fundraising Tools

Fundraising Guide - A great starting point for coming up with ideas for your group's fundraising


Group Fundraising Strategy Tool - A tool to help you and your Leadership Team come up with your fundraising plan




Medical Teams


Meds List - you'll be working from this list to work with your CSA coordinator to determine what meds you'll need to bring, and if they should be bought in the US or the DR


2011 Neyba Area Epidemiology Report - This report was written by the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine and CSA and will help provide medical groups a general picture of what types of medical conditions they should expect to see.

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