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Resources for Team Members

By taking part in hands-on volunteer service or academic service learning projects as part of a CSA International Exchange Program, you have a unique opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Personally you will grow by stepping outside your everyday life. You will be challenged to stretch your comfort zone, and through doing so, you will discover the richness that comes from opening yourself up to a new culture, new experiences, and the personal strengths you have within.

Professionally, you will grow gaining new insights into the world in which we live. Today’s world is increasing globalized, and being able to interact and engage people of different cultures is an invaluable skill in any field. You will also grow professionally by putting into action your skills and abilities during your time working with the local community. In particular, you as the group leader will gain valuable experience in managing a team of people, delegation of tasks, networking, and goal setting. Each of these skills will not only help to build your resume, but will provide you with the satisfaction of seeing all your hard work pay off through how your team comes together and through the impact you have on the community.


Thank you for your commitment to make this work in the community possible. Without your dedication as a volunteer, committed to making a difference, CSA would not exist as an organization. And more importantly, it is because of your vision for a better world that communities are being transformed and lives are being changed.

Please know that we here at CSA want to support you throughout the entire planning process, so please do not hesitate to contact us at any point. We are more than happy to help you with helpful tips, by answering any questions, and providing guidance as you start out on this adventure. We’ll be busy planning for your trip as well, and are looking forward to your team’s arrival here in the Dominican Republic.




Click on the links below for additional resources to help you plan your trip.

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