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Public Health

According to the World Bank (2009), approximately 50.5% of the population in the D.R. lives at the poverty line. Since poverty and health are closely related, many of the country’s health indicators are telling of the fact that many of the Dominican population lack access to quality health services. As an example of this, the high incidence of maternal mortality is an indicator of the deficiencies in the health system in terms of quality of care. Teen pregnancy is on the rise at 23%, indicating the need for further prevention. Preventable vector borne diseases such as dengue and malaria have resurged in target areas in country.


While the HIV seroprevalence rate in the DR has maintained at approximately 2.5 percent of the adult population, the threat of an increase is always present. The rate of HIV infection is about equal in males and females. However, infection rates in young women are rapidly escalating and are of great concern in pregnant women who can pass the virus to their unborn child.



Focus of CSA Health efforts


Our focus in health is to aid in strengthening the local health infrastructure to enable individuals to access quality health services. At the same time, CSA works in prevention at the community level, focusing on sanitation and water along with community based education.


Key areas of focus include:

- Training of health personnel, health promoters, youth peer leaders


- Building of partnerships and models for collaboration between health facilities and the community.


- Continued programs for health education and promotion


- Strengthening of local health facilities, through technical assistance and partnerships.


- Improvement of environmental conditions at the community level that affect health, including reparation of homes, building of latrines, installation of water filters


- Assessments, studies and data analysis and discussion to help to orient and prioritize interventions based in evidence.


- Participation in forums for local decision making regarding health.




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