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Our dynamic Spanish Immersion programs offer students personalized instruction, providing flexibility to integrate specific interests and learning objectives in each class. CSA´s programs combine in-classroom instruction with field-based learning, including visits to local markets, museums, historical sites as well as learning to use the transportation system.


Spanish immersion programs are structured for minimum of two weeks of classes of either 4 or 6 hours daily, for a total of 40 or 60 hours of instruction during each two week period.

Individual students who do not come as part of a group will receive one-on-one instruction with an experienced instructor.


Universities groups have the opportunity to participate in small group classes as part of a study-tour experience. Groups are composed of no more than six students, and programs are developed to meet their specific language needs.

Programs Offered


CSA´s programs are flexible and designed to meet the needs of each individual or group. The following programs are adaptable depending on your goals and focus.

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