Juana Saltitopa Women´s Cooperative Business in Dominican Republic


This project aims to strengthen the Juana Saltitopa grassroots women’s group (JSWG) and its members through:


1) Capacity building to reinforce business skills and vocational skills;

2)Technical assistance in the process of establishing a small-scale, women-owned business within thestructure of a cooperative;

3) Implementation of a commercial network in order to link the group tolocal and international partners;

4) Implementation of a strategy for visibility and dissemination ofbest practices.



Women’s Cooperative, ELEDEN, formally constituted and operating with 20 active members.


Women’s center furnished and operating for trainings and income generation activities.


Women trained in how to operate a cooperative, manage finances and develop successful business initiatives.


Desired Outcomes

1 Create a women-owned cooperative for the JSWG,

2 Improve the knowledge and skills of women in business management and vocational areas.

Project Site


Hato Mayor & El Seibo are neighboring rural towns in the Eastern region of the Dominican Republic made up of Dominicans and Haitians living in batey communities where sugar and agricultural production impacts the social and economic dynamics and needs.

Our Partners and Volunteers

This project is possible thanks to a generous donation from


WE Americas/U.S.Department of State.


This support has been complemented by an array of


U.S. Universities and partners.

Help facilitate trainings in marketing, management, organizational leadership.

Get Involved

3 Generate participation in local, national and international networks,.

4 share best practices key in developing a successful model for women-owned businesses in the DR.

Join as a mentor to the JSWG entrepreneurs.