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Alerta Joven: Youth empowerment in Batey Lechería


This project aims to create a network of comprehensive services for youth-at-risk to contribute to the overall development of youth in batey Lecheria.

Desired Outcomes


Help to improve the educational performance of youth that are overage or behind according to their grade level.



Aid in the reintegration of out-of-school youth to the local school systems.


Improve knowledge, skills and health-seeking behavior of youth at risk to prevent HIV/AIDS and teen pregnancy and faciliate timely prevention services.

Provide support to undocumented youth to obtain their birth certificate.


Faciliate vocational training, mentorship and opportunities for employment among at-risk youth.


Our Partners

and volunteers

This project is possible thanks to a generous donation from USAID through Entrena’s Alerta Joven Project.


Our partners include the Society of Holy Child Jesus, the local schools of Lecheria and Cabellona, INFOTEP, Centro Bono, World Bank, the Ministry of Health and others.

Project Site


Batey lecheria and its neighboring communities and barrios.

Get Involved

Help facilitate training workshops or programs, including computer training, ESL, preparation for the job market and others.

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