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Empowerment of Women/ Income generation

Approximately 60% of the world’s poor are women. Evidence has clearly demonstrated that living in poverty makes women vulnerable to a number of situations that pose threats to her ability to develop and progress as a successful member of society. These situations include involvement in commercial sex work to provide for her family, falling victim to violence, unwanted pregnancy, and a number of health risks, including sexually transmitted infections (World Health Organization, 2009). These same women are often single mothers or “heads of their household”, which translates into increased responsibility to provide for her and her family.


In the Dominican Republic, the situation of women emulates global trends. Commercial sex work is prevalent, especially in the Eastern provinces where tourism has boomed in recent years and 20% of girls aged 15-19 are mothers or pregnant. 30% of women have experienced some type of violence and HIV prevalence among women with no education is 3.7%, compared to a National HIV prevalence of .8% among women of all education levels(Demographic Health Survey, 2007).


Increasing women’s access to education, health services and economic opportunities are of the utmost priority to contribute to the development of local communities in the Dominican Republic.










Focus of CSA’s efforts


Improve the overall quality of life of women and their families, through access to education and income generation opportunities.




We are working to strengthen a women’s cooperative in Hato Mayor. Read more here!

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