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Project Description Puerto Plata


CSA’s Esperanza y Progreso All Children Reading project will address the multiple barriers that inhibit child literacy in the Dominican Republic by actively involving and targeting all those involved in the education of children, ranging from Ministry of Education District and local authorities to school principals, teachers, parents and students.



Lack of access to early education, lack of parent involvement, overcrowded classrooms, lack of spaces for reading and need for continued education for teachers will be addressed within the context of the DR rural public schools.


Expected outcomes: Improve the infrastructure and quality of education delivered in five rural primary schools in Puerto Plata.

Our Partners

Ministry of Education

Padres del Claret

Peace Corps

Multiple community-based organizations.


to date

Rural school built from the ground up, elementary school expanded to accommodate additional classrooms, teacher trainings, mentoring of schools to improve literacy programming, facilitation of summer camps and multiple community projects.

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