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Volunteer Teams

The Volunteer Teams Service is specifically designed to give you the opportunity to work directly with the local people in a Dominican community. As part of a one or two week trip to the DR, you will work together with a group of students from your university in a hands-on service project which is designed to use your skills and abilities to address a specific need in the local community.


As a volunteer with CSA, you will experience life in a rural community while interacting with the local people one-on-one. There may be moments in which you are touched by the generosity of the Dominican people. There may be moments in which are you feel the satisfaction of a job well done. There may be moments you want to last forever. There may be moments you feel challenged.But, its certain that these will be moments you will never forget

The Service Projects


CSA volunteers are a critical component in a variety of different community development projects. Depending on the skills and interests of your group your service project may involve:


- Supporting education through the organization of a summer camp for children of a rural community


- Community empowerment through the construction of schools or community centers


- Supporting a women's co-op with leadership trainings


- Helping to prevent disease by teaching families about sanitation and building family latrines

- Empowering youth leaders by training them how to work with their peers in issues of sexual health and drug and alcohol awareness


- Work to fight malnutrition by planting community gardens and teaching about the importance of good nutrition

Projects are open to all students, regardless of your Spanish level, and CSA staff will be available to help with translation.


Each community project that CSA has developed is based on relationship. By truly getting to know a community and its leaders, the CSA projects are carefully structured around the needs, goals, and vision of the local people. By taking part in a community project as a CSA volunteer, you are invited to join in this relationship, sharing your life with another: sharing in hard work, sharing in laughs and conversation, and sharing in a vision for a stronger community. To read more about the types of community projects that CSA has, please check out the Community Work section of our website.


Additionally, your time and effort as a volunteer with CSA is always part of a larger initiative. This means that you can be certain of the long-lasting impact of your time in the Dominican Republic. Our field technicians are in constant communication with the communities where you will be working, providing continued support after you leave.

Fun and Relaxation


As a volunteer, you'll also have time for fun and adventure! You'll get to do things such as swim in a local river, take part in an exciting baseball game, and take a sailboat trip to a tropical beach. The Dominican Republic has much beauty, both cultural and natural, to explore. So come, eat a tree-ripe mango, dance bachata, and soak in the gorgeous sunshine!

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